Yoga Training Course details

The Dru Yoga course format includes:

  • the essential foundations of Dru Yoga
  • body preparations, yoga postures and alignment
  • unique Dru Yoga Energy Block Release sequences
  • dynamic flowing Dru Yoga sequences of yoga postures
  • the fundamental energetic principles within Dru Yoga
  • pranayama, meditation and relaxation
  • mantra, mudra and yoga philosophy
  • anatomy and physiology

Fabulous, informative manuals.
All of this is clearly explained and illustrated in the sixteen accompanying Dru Yoga course manuals.

Progressive and carefully structured training.
As a Dru Yoga teacher your teaching and communication skills will need to be many and varied. The Dru course is designed to help you develop yoga teaching skills steadily and progressively, so that by the end of your course you will feel confident and empowered to teach a large repertoire of Dru Yoga postures, sequences and techniques.

The Dru Yoga teacher training course includes regular summary sessions to refine and anchor everything you’ve learned so far. This process expands your understanding of Dru Yoga and how it works. The consolidation sessions show you how to deepen your personal experience of Dru on all levels—physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Yoga therapy.
As part of the course you will also learn how to create yoga therapy programmes for specific individuals, depending on their unique requirements e.g. prenatal yoga, yoga for back care, yoga for stress relief.

Learn as you go
On the Dru Yoga teacher training course we believe it is important to anchor your learning as you go. We use continuous assessment to check; your knowledge and understanding; your personal performance of the various yoga postures; Dru Yoga sequences; pranayama techniques and your teaching skills.

We ask you to:

    • Study specified Dru Yoga practices in depth, and write reflective portfolio sheets to describe your personal experiences, these will give you profound insights into your Dru Yoga practice, deepening your experience over time
    • Demonstrate your understanding of the alignment, safety points and energy flows within the yoga postures and Dru Yoga sequences
    • Decide if you want to take the interim teaching assessment only if you want to start teaching before graduation
    • Prepare and teach an hour-long Dru Yoga class for your final teaching assessment

“Dru Yoga has given me the confidence to make my dreams become a reality. After completing the course I felt that I could achieve anything I put my mind to, but most importantly it gave me a sense of self and I finally met the person who was inside all along just waiting to be freed”
Kelly Molloy, Dublin.