The Dru Professional Network

DPN is the professional body for qualified Dru yoga teachers and DYTT students who have passed interim assessment. It is designed to support you and your yoga teaching practice by offering a wide range of benefits including:

  • Increasing your skills through networking with others who share your professional interests
  • Free 4 month trial access to the Dru Yoga Online Studio, then reduced subscription fees – great for ideas for your classes
  • Inspiration from Dru yoga tips and Dru news
  • Lists of upcoming CPD events
  • Specially negotiated professional insurance rates
  • Marketing and business support

The DPN is here to provide you with the support and service you need to become and remain brilliant Dru teachers.
We hope that you find the Dru Professional Network a valuable resource. Click on the link to have a thorough look at all the many benefits.

Dru Yoga Online Studio
Now you can enjoy Dru Yoga in the comfort of your own home! For only £11.99 a month you will receive a new Dru Yoga class every 2 weeks. The classes are taught in a series of 6 weeks programmes – with 3 classes in each programme.

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Imagine you are joining a yoga studio…except you don’t have to leave home to attend the class

For just £11.99 a month you can discover a new way to practice Dru Yoga which combines flexibility and expert instruction within the convenience and privacy of your own home. Our Online Studio offers quality and variety, with themed six week courses and newly updated classes every two weeks. Classes can be watched as many times as you like allowing you to improve and refine your practice. With no minimum subscription it can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over time. Join now and begin taking the first steps towards a healthier and more rewarding life.

* Yoga at your convenience
* New class every 2 weeks
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