Dru Seminars and Retreats

Great for beginners as well as for those who have experienced the ease, calm and joy of Dru!

These events are a great way of having a deeper taste of Dru outside the class environment. You will also learn techniques that you can take home with you to practice.

Retreats and seminars are also a great place to meet people who have similar Dru interests and are therefore a wonderful place to make new friends.

We’d love to see you at our Dru Yoga, Relaxation and Meditation retreats and workshops around Ireland.

Our meditation and yoga intensives introduce you to the key Dru Meditation techniques for inner calm and joy.

You’ll learn which Dru Yoga postures prepare the body best for meditation, as well as enjoying progressive guided meditation sessions with our expert meditation teachers.

On our meditation courses we emphasise comfort, so you can sit in a chair, a meditation stool or on the floor.

Our Dru Meditation retreats offer you the perfect opportunity to explore a variety of meditation techniques and experience the true benefits of meditation whatever your state of mind.

As well as learning meditation techniques, there will be time for Dru Yoga, relaxation and personal mentoring – the perfect weekend for restoring your inner calm!

If you are interested in teaching meditation, these events are the ideal introduction to the Dru Meditation teacher training course.

There are many benefits including:

  • Relax deeply and energise your body
  • Gain emotional balance and enthusiasm
  • Develop a calm, clear and creative mind
  • Reconnect with inner goals
  • Move into stillness

Bring your water bottle, yoga mat, rug, cushion

Dru Yoga books & CDs available for home study

For more details, please contact us. info@druireland.com

Or give us a ring on: 01 442 9888 or NI. 07891 988 602