Dru Meditation

Dru Meditation is designed to take you safely, gently and progressively from Beginner through to advanced meditation levels using a unique blend of ancient and modern practices.

Yogis, mystics and self aware masters have shown us that we are all capable of finding that place of inner peace which sustains us all. We have many names for it; Source, Oneness, Spirit, Zero point energy fields, the list is endless. Regardless of how we experience and perceive that still point, the Dru Meditation course and its tutors aim to guide you through your own unique journey to discover the many benefits that meditation has brought for thousands of years.
A regular Dru meditation practice will give you increased energy, greater self confidence, emotional balance, amplified passion for life, a ‘tool kit’ with which to overcome the challenges of life and most of all a sense of joy, lightness and healing.

We make your meditation journey fun, enjoyable and you’ll make new like minded friends along the way on our courses.
Even if you say ‘but my mind never stops chattering’ then you are the perfect candidate and will benefit the most from learning to still your mind and become a master of it.

Don’t worry, we won’t ask you to sit cross legged on the floor in a cave wearing a loin cloth! Most likely you will choose to sit in a comfortable chair and take the simple but effective techniques with you to use at home or at work.
Dru Meditation techniques are designed to take you safely through the 5 subtle layers (Kosha’s) of our being and expand our awareness of our unconscious mind. At every level the tutors will help you understand what’s happening for you including any psychic, intuitive or dream experiences that may unfold for you.

Beginners are welcome and often make excellent progress because they have no ‘bad habits’ or experiences to overcome. It’s easy when you know how!

For those of you who have had an occasional or spontaneous profound experience during meditation, we can help you access those exquisite moments as part of your daily practice.

Often we have students with many years of experience who join the course because they need that bit of extra guidance and the more advanced techniques which help you to break through to deeper levels. We can help you understand those ‘inner’ experiences which you will be having.

Give us a call and come and try some meditation!


‘Dru Meditation has enriched my life by helping me to find more joy, meaning and purpose. I feel Dru has helped me to become a more thoughtful and loving person.’

Patricia Gormley, Belfast



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