Course structure

Each module takes you progressively through the five layers of experience (koshas).

You will develop a regular meditation practice and will be given detailed guidelines for optimising your personal experience of meditation. If you are choosing to do the course for your own personal development, without any intention of becoming a teacher, you will find our teaching practice sessions to be supportive, friendly and invaluable for your own mastery of the techniques.

You will explore methods for teaching a wide range of meditation techniques, how to manage classroom energetics, how to understand students’ meditation experiences, and you will practice teaching through the senior modules of the course.

Home study will consist of refining your practice.


Any questions?

Please email us on for details of upcoming qualifying preparatory events and the next meditation training course.

I’ve not done any Dru before – is this course right for me?

Yes absolutely, and total beginners are welcome through to seasoned practitioners.  Often we have students who have been meditating for many years and need that bit of extra guidance to break through to deeper levels and understand some of the ‘inner’ experiences which you will be having.

I am a Dru Yoga graduate – do I have to attend both retreats to apply?

Please contact the tutors ( and we can assess whether you’ll be able to manage with just one retreat as a preparation.

Contact Dru Yoga Ireland

For more details, please contact us.

Or give us a ring on: 01 442 9888 or  NI. 07891 988 602