Firstly, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course, my journey from Laois for each module being very worth while.  I felt privileged to have been in the same room as some of the tutors which we had, sharing in their depth of knowledge ( which I am sure we only touched on), their openness, support and ability to make each person on the course feel like an amazing participant on this fantastic journey.  It was a great adventure!
You learn a lot about yourself, who you are as a person, how you interact with others, therefore becoming more tolerant and sensitive to their feelings.  I am without a doubt a calmer person, dealing with situations that arise with more awareness, openness and honesty.
I feel that I have changed as a person; I am more confident; I have more self belief; I feel stronger, both physically and emotionally.  I am far more aware of my body, from how it works on a scientific level to being more intuitively aware of how it feels on more subtle level.
The lectures were delivered with such enthusiasm that I could not help but be riveted.  Dialog with the entire group was encouraged throughout the learning process, which made it feel casual and most enjoyable.  There was never a feeling of US (the pupils) and THEM (the tutors), the tutors were always very approachable and most helpful, they really cared about you and your own personal journey.
The yoga of course was fantastic, because Dru believes in inclusion, no matter what your ability, you always felt great!!  I was introduced to yoga which affected me on more levels than just the physical one, emotions and energies all came into play, amazing stuff!!
I began to teach after the interim assessment, it was scary at first but a great feeling of achievement soon followed.  I love being a yoga teacher, I feel like I’m giving something back, whether my class feel more flexible, have better energy levels or are just calmer, its all positive!
Thank you to all who have made me the yogi I am today, the journey starts here.

C . C, Dru Yoga Graduate, Ireland

If you want to physically strengthen your body and emotionally enhance your mind, Dru Yoga will give you the tools to take into your daily life and help you cope with the stresses of modern living.

Wendy, Dru Yoga Graduate, UK

The benefits that Dru Yoga has brought me have dramatically reduced my stress levels and increased my awareness of the daily pressures that are faced by most of my colleagues. I am more conscious of not taking on this stress myself. As a result, people value my increased creativity, clarity and calm, and my client base has expanded.

J.M. senior management consultant, UK

The Dru Course offers a complete package – regular retreats, personal development, structure for your practice at home, skills to teach, and practical ways to give back to the world.

Judy, Dru Yoga undergraduate, Australia

Having experienced many different forms of yoga over the last twelve years. I find the holistic philosophy of Dru Yoga very appealing and most effective!

Nigel, Dru Yoga graduate, UK

It took a while for me to realise the deep transformative power of the subtle movements and visualisations.

Jon, research scientist, and Dru Yoga graduate, Australia

Dru Yoga has helped me improve my physical wellbeing by alleviating neck and back pain. It has helped improve posture, motivate me to exercise regularly and lose weight, tone my body and eat more healthily.

Margot, Dru Yoga graduate, Australia

Dru is my inspiration. It invigorates my body, settles my mind and is the most wonderful journey of inner peace.

Marianne, Dru Yoga graduate, UK

‘I hardly recognise myself as the person I was six years ago. The bouts of depression, anxiety and low self-esteem I used to suffer on a regular basis have gone, to be replaced by increasing self confidence and a joyfulness in life that I’d forgotten was possible.’

Catherine, Dru Yoga teacher, UK

Dru Yoga has helped me to have a focus in my life, after 6 years of chronic pain

Alison H.

After changing career 7 years ago from Bank Manager to Complementary Therapist, I have moved on so far, significantly with the help of Dru and my Tutors. Thank you.

Val G.

I chose Dru because I was looking for a way to balance my stressful working life with physical challenges that I was suffering. If I need to sort out a problem, Dru has the answer.

Rhona V. M.

Dru Yoga is necessary to my life – I wanted to do the course so that I always had it with me no matter where I was. Not sure I chose Dru Yoga – I think it chose me!

Have gained so far:
–  Greater physical fitness and stamina
–  Stillness and calmness – an ability to deal with ups and downs with less upset to myself or others
–  An appreciation of life, nature, happiness
–  Strength – mental and emotional
–   I like myself much better’

Jane B.