How to try Dru Yoga

Catch a Dru Workshop:
Our top tutors are constantly on tour throughout Ireland and the UK, offering practical, hands on workshops on Dru Yoga and a variety of topics – from Dru Meditation to Stress Management, sound and Mantra or Dru dance.

Try a Dru Yoga Class:
Use our ‘Find a Dru Yoga Teacher’ link to search for a yoga teacher nearest you. You’ll find that many Dru Yoga teachers have a speciality – whether it’s Dru Dance or teaching Pre-natal yoga or children’s yoga. So do contact them before the class to find out what to bring and what to expect.

Attend a Workshop:
Experience a day of Dru Yoga, have fun, relax and feel the benefits.  Thinking of training as a yoga teacher? On these introductory workshops you will meet some of our top tutors, experience Dru Yoga for yourself and find out more about our teacher training course.

Use a Dru Yoga DVD or CD which contain professionally made, high quality footage, with different Dru Yoga sequences, each designed for a specific result and aimed at any age and level of fitness. Go to the shop

Sign up for the Dru Online Studio and practice classes at home.   Link here to studio (

Enjoy a yoga holiday:
Choose from yoga and walking holidays, yoga and wellbeing weekends or even power fitness yoga courses in Ireland or Snowdonia.

Come & Stay B&B: at Snowdonia Mountain Lodge—climb Mount Snowdon at sunrise and maybe catch a yoga class at sunset!  (

Expand Your Horizons: with the Dru Yoga teacher training course—equip yourself with tools to create a balanced, fulfilling career out of doing something you love.