Mentoring & Coaching

We have a variety of 1:1 coaching, mentoring and healing sessions on offer. If you are not sure which ones will suit you–call us and find out your best way forward.

To book Paulette Agnew for a private mentoring or coaching session email:

Take a personality test and see how others perceive you

Do you sometimes think people misunderstand you? With this personality test and coaching you will learn how your behaviour impacts on those around you. It’s fun, enlightening, will highlight your uniqueness and build self-awareness. Learn how to meet the needs of others and win the hearts of all! !

Spiritual Coaching and finding your Purpose
When you arrive at a crossroads in your life or perhaps feel confused or empty, we are here to listen and not judge; offer intuitive reflections, help you unravel life’s messages and make sense of daily challenges. Finding your purpose can mean regaining your faith, finding happiness or choosing to give back to society and help others. Whatever the topic, it’s important. Call me, Paulette.

1:1 Dru Yoga
Thousands of research papers have proved that regular yoga keeps us relaxed and healthy and can treat many ailments. Gentle movements, strengthening our ‘core’ and shifting subtle energy blocks aid conditions such as back pain, digestive problems, heart conditions, grief, migraines, insomnia, stress etc. Take home your personalised practice.

Meditation and Relaxation 1:1 guidance and recordings.
We will design and record a meditation or relaxation, to suit your needs, lifestyle and mindset. Our lives are under constant pressure and change, so we need an anchor point of stillness and calm to recharge and take stock. Working with a dedicated meditation teacher is one of the fastest ways to grow and find lasting happiness. If you already meditate we are here to advance your skills and deepen your results

Coaching and Mentoring
If you want a life of power and vitality book a mentoring now! A coach and client create a powerful relationship that enables goals and dreams to come true. You can choose to develop any area of your life eg your relationships, health, career and financial abundance. Take charge of your life in 2011, the power lies within you. Paulette has a unique background in coaching high fliers, those who live life to the full. She is recognised at one of Britain’s leading specialists in overcoming burnout, stress and chronic fatigue. If you want a life of power and vitality book a mentoring now!

Chakra Analysis
The 7 major chakras or power centres determine how you relate to your world. Understanding them will provide a direct link to your unconscious mind and give you insights into what’s really going on in your life. Once aware of the areas in your life that request attention, learn techniques to heal yourself.


‘Dru has allowed me to find myself, give me my confidence and self esteem back, and has taught me to be still in this hectic life. My health and happiness have been multiplied.’

Martine Macklin Trauma Healing and Peace Facilitator, West Belfast