Dru Ireland – Our vision

Here at Dru Ireland we have created a centre for empowerment, inspiration and friendship.

Dru is an energetic and fresh-thinking organisation eager to inspire a naturally healthier way of living for everybody, from young to old, from all walks of life. Dru was founded upon the ideal of giving back to the world in which we live and that continues to be an ideal that still burns brightly for us today.

We are passionate about positive health and wellbeing. With yoga and meditation at our core, we care deeply about nutrition, remedies and relieving the stresses of everyday living.

Paulette Agnew Senior Tutor and Director of Dru Ireland

Paulette is an inspirational Yogi, speaker, writer and teacher. She discovered the healing power of Dru Yoga in her late 20’s and has dedicated her life to teaching Dru Yoga and Meditation throughout the world for over 23 years. Paulette’s passion is infectious and she loves sharing the skills and techniques towards personal and spiritual development, health and wellbeing, uplifting consciousness, and the Yogi’s search for The Self. Luckily with mountaineering parents, she was free to grow up a child of nature, in touch with her intuitive self.

She studied Biochemistry at Manchester University before running a mountaineering and survival school for 6 years, building inner confidence and personal best and exploring connection to Creation. Paulette went on to establish Dru Yoga schools in Australia, Dru Yoga and Meditation retreats in India, Trauma Healing programmes across Africa, and has ran thousands of seminars and conferences throughout the UK and Ireland. Paulette is an award winning speaker with Vistage, teaching meditation and peak performance to CEOs.

She brought Dru to Ireland in 1994 running a large variety of courses from trauma healing programmes, meditation and mysticism, to weekend yoga retreats. Today Paulette continues to live her dream as director and senior tutor of Dru Ireland.

Sylvia Barrington – Senior Tutor in Manchester & Ireland

Sylvia has been teaching Dru Yoga since 1990. She is a mother of two girls and a grandmother of two little angels. She is a senior tutor for Dru Manchester, her home and also for Dru Ireland. Origionally from the Wirral, she started her love of flowing movement and energy through the practice of Chinese Martial Arts at 18 and went on to discover powerful Dru Yoga EBRs and Sequences shortly afterwards.

Sylvia trained to become a yoga therapist and has extensive experience teaching Dru Yoga to a wide variety of people through her classes and courses for 30 years.  She also worked with Blackburne House an FE College in Liverpool as a teacher trainer for adult education and has also planned, designed and taught women’s health and well-being courses, assertiveness and confidence courses,and coordinated the health programmes within the college, including using Dru Yoga as a tool for personal development within Blackburne House.

Sylvia is a keen Vedic astrologer and enjoys helping people through exploring their natal horoscopes, which she makes available to her yoga students. She is part of the Accreditation team for the BCYT (British Council for Yoga Therapy), accrediting yoga therapy courses in the UK.

Here’s what people have to say about the team and course:


 Firstly, I would like to say that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course, my journey from Laois for each module being very worth while.  I felt privileged to have been in the same room as some of the tutors which we had, sharing in their depth of knowledge ( which I am sure we only touched on), their openness, support and ability to make each person on the course feel like an amazing participant on this fantastic journey.  It was a great adventure!

You learn a lot about yourself, who you are as a person, how you interact with others, therefore becoming more tolerant and sensitive to their feelings.  I am without a doubt a calmer person, dealing with situations that arise with more awareness, openness and honesty.

I feel that I have changed as a person; I am more confident; I have more self belief; I feel stronger, both physically and emotionally.  I am far more aware of my body, from how it works on a scientific level to being more intuitively aware of how it feels on more subtle level.

The lectures were delivered with such enthusiasm that I could not help but be riveted.  Dialog with the entire group was encouraged throughout the learning process, which made it feel casual and most enjoyable.  There was never a feeling of US (the pupils) and THEM (the tutors), the tutors were always very approachable and most helpful, they really cared about you and your own personal journey.

The yoga of course was fantastic, because Dru believes in inclusion, no matter what your ability, you always felt great!!  I was introduced to yoga which affected me on more levels than just the physical one, emotions and energies all came into play, amazing stuff!

I began to teach after the interim assessment, it was scary at first but a great feeling of achievement soon followed.  I love being a yoga teacher, I feel like I’m giving something back, whether my class feel more flexible, have better energy levels or are just calmer, its all positive!

Thank you to all who have made me the yogi I am today, the journey starts here.

C . C, Dru Yoga Graduate, Ireland


Here is Paulette Agnew giving a presentation: “The Power to live your Dreams”


That’s Manchester “Traya’s Quest”


That’s Manchester “Lyme Disease”