The teacher training course goes very much deeper, beyond the foundation level. The course consists of 12 weekends over 18 months, and you will learn to meditate through the 5 Koshas progressively, reaching deeper levels of the unconscious mind arriving in that point of stillness. Meditation is effortless when you know how, and part of that journey is to learn to relax, concentrate and then meditate. The course will also guide you to teach others the art of meditation, learning how to work with various needs, different mind sets, levels of experience, the occational psychic problems, physical comfort and peoples work/stress related problems. We also discuss and explore Mindful Awareness in daily life, chakras, Energy Block Release exercises (EBRs) and how to use mantras, visualisations and contemplation.

We have taught the programme around the world and it is open to all, regardless of different faiths and beliefs. We pride ourselves in offering a meditation course based on 30 years of teaching experience worldwide, and with tutors who have 20 years experience of both a deep personal practice and teaching meditation in a wide variety of situations. We know the needs of an aspiring meditator and his/her students. Here in Ireland we are accredited by the International School of Dru Yoga UK, which is accredited by two governing bodies. We also have mediation centers in Canada, Australia, and Europe.

As a student on this course you would be expected to be enthusiastic about your daily practice (we aim to make if fun too). Please know that as you go deeper into yourself – and therefore learn about your mind and personality and unconscious patterns, there may be times where it feels uncomfortable. We are here to guide you through these stages, which are normal and very liberating! Seeing, owning and then dropping our old patterns can be tough sometimes, but it is fabulously empowering and rewarding.

Real meditation has this effect on us all, it is the ultimate self-transformation journey for you, your students and your clients. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and to chat through the course application requirements. The total DMTT course costs €2640 and you can pay two yearly payments of €1320 (£115) or by weekend (€220). Please pay in cash. In sterling this is £180 per weekend totalling £2160. Sterling may be paid by cash or cheque. There is a £100 reduction in fees (€120) if the full amount of the course is paid in advance or on the first weekend. Please note all fees paid are non refundable.

For more details on the weekend or the full course: Please call: Paulette Agnew

01 442 9888  /  or Text: 0044 (0)7891988602  /