Hello and welcome to a relaxing Meditation weekend.
Dru Meditation retreats are geared towards people who are looking to learn meditation and relaxation skills to enhance daily life!  Meditation is proven to reduce the effects of stress, boost vitality, overcome anxiety, calm the mind and increase happiness. Can it do all that?   Yes – and after practicing for over 30 years and teaching meditation and mindful awareness around the world, I have repeatedly seen amazing results in just two days.


Join us at our forthcoming Meditation Foundation weekend coming up on Oct 26/27th
£100 for the two days
or £60 for one day.
It’s held in the Dungannon West Renewal Centre, Dungannon. Sat 10.30-4.30 and Sunday 10am-4pm


You will have lots of fun, feel super charged, relaxed and back in control of your life.  Life has become a very fast rollercoaster for all of us, with work, financial and family demands pulling our energy out of us in many different directions.  This can leave us feeling drained, emotionally empty and our minds buzzing.  Insomnia, tension headaches, health issues and mood swings can all be traced back to stress and pressure.  There is a solution!! – Treat yourself to a simple daily practice of meditation and relaxation.  Join us and learn how to get back in charge of your life.  This weekend is also a fantastic stress management programme as we cover relaxation, and other self help skills to help our bodies, minds and emotions stay calm, awake and super charged
The weekend is also a preparatory course for those interested in ourMeditation and Mindful Awareness Teacher Training course starting next year.  Our DMTT course is very thorough and you need to be comfortable in your daily practice to be able to enjoy the benefits of the deepermeditations.